Do Iv Hangover Treatments Really Work?

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Can you get rid of a hangover by getting an IV? These days, you can if you call on a licensed naturopathic doctor who has an IV vitamin therapy service. These businesses are run by doctors, but the IVs are usually administered by nurses. They make house calls which is
exciting news for anyone feeling so hungover that they cannot move!

These IV practices are located in major cities and they offer mobile services where a nurse comes with a complete IV kit filled with vitamins, minerals and medicines. They usually offer a selection of IV mixes. Some fight off the flu or food poisoning. Others work to energize or
cleanse and still others work to cure a hangover. At least, that is what they claim to do.

So, do these IV treatments work? The short answer is that they do. Unlike antacid tablets or pain medications, they do not have to go from your esophagus to your stomach to dissolve in order to work. They are injected into your system through a vein in
your arm where they go right to work and are absorbed into your system 100 percent.

Getting vitamins and minerals from food is also a long process. If you have heard that tomato juice is ideal for a hangover just remember that all the nutrients need to take the long way into your system where, once there, some of them may pass out of your body without being absorbed.

IV treatments go into your system 100 percent through the injection of the IV bag of fluids. Your treatment will include things like anti-nausea medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine and anti-heartburn medication. The exact ingredients vary based on the service you work with but, for hangovers,
they generally contain similar ingredients to combat the most uncomfortable symptoms of too much alcohol the night before.

There are people who have shared their experiences with Hangover IVs online on blogs. They say that the 40-45-minute session did help get rid of a headache and nausea but that they still felt a little hungover. At about $200 a shot, they are not cheap. If you have a serious or almost debilitating
hangover, and you have the money it could be a worthwhile investment to at least feel relief from your symptoms.

Some people feel panicky when they are hungover. The ingredients in the IV may also include vitamins like vitamin B which help soothe the nervous system. Again, you need to check with the service to find out what their hangover formulations include. You may not end up feeling 100 percent better,
but you will feel relief from your nervousness. But, be aware that getting the IV requires getting a needle.

If this makes you feel uneasy now it could make you feel a lot worse on a day when you are already feeling uneasy. There are people who have reported being scared of needles but having undergone the IV with no problem. They even claim to start feeling better within five minutes.

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