Important Questions To Ask Brain Injury Solicitors

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If you know someone who has suffered from a serious brain injury, and you are helping them to find a solicitor to put in a claim for medical expenses, loss of earnings, damages and ongoing care for them, then you have probably noticed what a minefield it can be.

There are a number of important questions for brain injury solicitors that you should pay attention to when you are putting in a claim. It’s important that you think carefully and choose a solicitor that will represent the case accurately and compassionately, and fight for a prompt but fair settlement.

One of the most important questions for brain injury solicitors is how many cases of your type they have dealt with. Traumatic brain injury can come from many different sources, and someone who regularly deals with traffic accidents may not be as useful to you if your injury came from extreme sports, for example. The solicitor needs to be able to put forward a case clearly to show who was at fault. Some solicitors deal with rather narrow areas, and it is a good idea to find someone with links to brain injury organisations who has handled a lot of cases that are similar to yours.

Another thing that you should ask the solicitor is if it would be possible to speak to the family members of some past customers. Not all previous clients are willing to be so public, but there will usually be a couple that would be happy to answer questions – they will tell you whether their case was handled in a professional manner, how stressful it was, and how well the solicitor worked to mitigate that stress for them.

Brain injuries are a complex thing, and the settlement that the solicitor reaches for you will only go a little way towards repairing the damage – it will cover treatment, and should help long term care be less of a burden. The solicitors should do everything they can to minimise upheaval for you and your loved ones while the case is being processed. They can’t always fix everything for you, but they should do what they can, and give you a realistic idea of what evidence you need to provide, and what will be asked of you at various stages throughout the case, in order to reach a satisfactory resolution and get you the compensation that you deserve. Visit this page to read the thoughts of expert brain injury barrister, Bill Braithwaite QC, on how to achieve the best possible settlement for your case.

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